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Kevin Aquino

I'm a research officer working on blood flow in the brain. My specific interests involve trying
to uncover the properties of the spatiotemporal nature of the blood flow response. Importantly
how they appear in measures of blood flow and oxygenation, namely in the BOLD 
(Blood-level-oxygen dependent) response, measured in fMRI (functional Magnetic
 Resonance Imaging).
Also look at my blog on using the mrVista tools on Mac

BSc (hons Physics) and major in mathematics at the University of Sydney.
PhD (Physics) at the University of Sydney.
Research officer at University of Sydney and the Queensland Institute of Medical Research.

Currently a lab computational physics tutor (at USYD) for:
PHYS2213/PHYSICS 2EE   :  Engineering Optics
PHYS2012/2912               :  Quantum Mechanics
COSC1002/1902              :  Computational Science in MATLAB

Kevin Matthews Aquino

My surface reconstructed measured
 from a 3T MRI scan.