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Dr Leonardo L. Gollo


I am a Senior Research Fellow with training in Physics and Neuroscience. I design simple computational and mathematical models aiming to understand how the brain works. As the brain is a complex hierarchical system with multiple levels of organization, my work involves modeling brain activity in multiple scales.

Following a connectomics framework, brain tissue can be divided into networks with nodes and edges. The identity of nodes and edges may have a variety of interpretations depending on the level and the research question of interest. For example, nodes can be dendritic spines or branchlets when a neuron is considered as a network; nodes can be neurons when a circuit of neurons is considered as a network; nodes can also be subpopulations of neurons within a cortical region. In a whole-brain or large-scale model, nodes can be an entire cortical region, or nodes can also be a subnetwork of cortical regions that are typically functionally related. Under this approach, the brain is a multi-scale network.

A list of my publications can be found here.