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From blood vessels to BOLD, hemodynamic traveling waves.

You have expressed interest in participating in this study. The experiment will take 1.5h and we provide $30AUD compensation for your time and travel expenses. The experiment will take place at the Neuroscience Research Australia facility in Randwick (see below for a map).

Your task

As a subject in this study you will have to perform simple visual tasks displayed on a computer screen while lying in the MRI scanner. There will be two stages: firstly, outside of the MRI scanner, there will be a short task to reference specific visual properties; and the second stage will be to record your responses to the visual tasks in the scanner.

Before you come in

We are looking for normal healthy subjects with no history of traumatic or psychological Brain disorder. We also require general MRI compatibility, excluding a number of conditions such as a cardiac pacemaker. Please read the MRI screening form. If you need to answer any point on this list with YES please contact either Mark Schira and we will investigate if this is a problem for this study.

Please also read the Subject Information and Consent Form.

Project description

Although our knowledge of brain structure is vast, we have far to go in terms of understanding brain function. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) captures real time brain activity, providing us with a window to understand brain function.

In fact fMRI measures the changes in blood, therefore this technique provides a secondary measure of the activity of neurons (the key cell of the brain). We know that when neurons communicate they cause changes in surrounding cerebral blood. Hence, understanding the link between neural activity and blood flow is tremendously important in extending our knowledge of brain function.

We aim to uncover this link by comparing the slight differences between two conditions in a simple visual task. We will employ cutting edge techniques in imaging, data analysis, and biophysical models developed by our research team. For more information read our  Subject Information and Consent Form.

Available times

We typically scan Wednesdays from 14:00 to 17:00 ever fortnight. Such Wednesday the 31st of October 2012.


The experiments will be run at Neuroscience Research Australia facility in Randwick. The institute is located at the corner of Hospital Road and Barker Street, where the entrance is on Hospital Road. Due to constructions, there is no entrance from Barker Street.

Click here for an !old! street view of the entrance.

Hospital Road,
NSW 2031

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How to get there
It is a short walk from the University of New South Wales main campus. If you are not coming from the campus you can come by public transport.

From central station: catch the 372 and its a short walk from Randwick plaza

By car: Parking is very limited around the hospital and the university (plan a lot of time if you wish to do so). As a general tip there are unlimited parking spots in Rainbow Street, which is about 10minutes walk from the NeuRA.

Further information

For further information of fMRI in our research group see:
For further information on how fMRI works see:

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